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Friday, October 31, 2014

We are back!!

After a much needed long hiatus KP Knits is back and creating many new creations!

There has been a lot of life changes. The ending of a relationship, the beginning of a new one, a huge move, and now expecting a baby. Our studio is still in shambles but with a little time will be back up and running smoothly. I am really craving to get my hands back into all of my wonderful fiber and start spinning again. But for now we are creating many cute little softies and taking special orders for things.

A giant moose for my little moose. Pattern can be found on here
 A baby shower gift for another special little one who should be here a month before my little moose!! Pattern can be found here:
 A cute little penguin!! Pattern can be found here:
 A multicolored teddy bear. Pattern can be found here:
 A super cute hippo for that special little boy. Pattern can be found here:
 An adorable giraffe!!!  I love his multicolored body!! Pattern can be found here:
 A side view
 A special order of six for a bridal party, who's theme is Blue Bird of Happiness. Pattern can be found here:
 Side view.
A mean little Rock Hopper! Who took quiet a bit to make but is fantastic!! Pattern can be found here:

Well I am off to finish the rest of the little blue birds!!

Happy Knitting!!