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Sunday, June 9, 2013

What weekend?!?!

I haven't been posting much and I am very sorry for that. I am going on vacation in a week for the Black Sheep Gathering, and I have bee working seven days a week some 11hr shifts! But bsg is worth it! I have never met a more inviting and welcoming group of people. I started at bsg three years ago now. When I responded to a revelry ad looking for volunteers. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. I thought the volunteer was to help work the booth for a few hrs. Oh no!! It was a permanent volunteer to run the information booth. It has been one of the best things on my life and every year I love doing it more and more. This year has been particularly hard for me to concentrate and nail down everything I have to get done, because I have been working so much. I have only given myself a week to get the t-shirts tagged folded and so forth. We have a new POS system and thank god I had that early to figure it all out. I have to thank my amazing husband who is picking up shirts and scheduling things for me. And my co-committee member Jessica, who is my little sister, as she pretty much lets me run the show and she gives her hard work and input on everything. Bsg this year is June 21-24 in Eugene, OR. If you can make it stop and say hi!!