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Thursday, May 23, 2013

A view into my studio

Hey all here is the promised photos of my studio and where I get creative!! Well I get creative all over the place this is where most of the magic happens.

 This is my wall of fiber and yarns, if you read my fiber overload blog you have seen some of this before. These cabinets were from my parents kitchen when they remodeled, I asked if I could have them for storage. Above the cabinet I keep things like my picker, bags of fiber that are washed but not processed. Also random studio tools.
 This is my dyeing area. Again these cabinets are from my parents kitchen and they provide great storage for plastic, bubble wrap and many other items for felting and other crafting. To the left is a little towel drying rack that my father made for me. He likes to dabble a little in wood working. Currently I have him working on a yarn swift for the studio. I mostly use the roaster pan for my dyeing and I have the drying area on the little rolling cart along with more storage racks underneath.
 On the left is a basket full of washed Romney Fleece, drying up on the top is the 4oz of the same Romney fleece dyed with Greener Shades acid dyes. On the right we have a basket of Suffolk that is many different colors under that green. All the suffolk was dyed with koolaid and easter egg dyes. These were our first attempts at dyeing. It was a lot of fun. The storage area has a bucket and a large container of vinegar on the bottom shelf and a salad spinner on top. The salad spinner is fantastic for getting out the last bits of water.
 This is a full on shot of my dye station.
 I had to improvise on shelving because I like to use things that I already have around my house. So I screwed a cardboard box to the wall and used the flaps as dividers. The fiber I have is light weight so it will work perfectly. The circular needle organizer I made a while back when I was tired of all my circs getting tangled together. I used two knitting needles to hold it.
 This is my staging/display area for knitwear that is finished. There is nothing on there right now because we went to a show this last weekend and we are going to another one June 2nd. No point in putting up and taking back down. I do have a full body form but that is upstairs in my hallway. As well as two more heads that are packed away with the knitted items.

This is Emma, she is our house kitty. She likes to come and hang out with me while I am crafting. She also likes to get into the fiber. She is a very well behaved cat and just likes to sniff everything!!

Well that is the tour of my studio. Where do you like to craft? Please post some pictures of your area or just leave comments.

Happy Knitting!