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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Recycled Market Bags

As of May 1st our hippie town of Eugene OR has passed a plastic bag ban. They cheap fabric bags that stores have produced and sold are just that cheap! The tear along the seams and are meant to be replaced every few shopping trips.

For most people plastic bags aren't just used for carrying groceries, they are a multipurpose household item. Used for cleaning litter boxes, cleaning up after dogs and little bathroom garbage cans. Well I have put them to use for another project. Plarn, plastic yarn, to make and sell great recycled market bags.

I have found many great inspirational bag patterns, but I hope to make one like this one I love the green bags it was created from, it would fit in to Eugene theme of going green, unfortunately here our main bag colors are tan, white, and grey. We have the occasional yellow and green as pictured above but not that often.

I have created a poll to get an idea of what one would pay for these bags, please take a moment to give me your feedback.

Happy Knitting!